Traditional Ukrainian songs

Ukrainian songsTraditional Ukrainian songs are famous all over the world. For many centuries, Ukrainian songs are carrying away people’s minds and souls. An incredible sense and sensibility of melody and lyrics, rich set of instruments create the unique rhythmical structure. Traditional songs have been transferred to every new generation with great honor and pleasure. Starting from early childhood children are brought up in the atmosphere of national art. At kindergartens, schools and institutes children, pupils and students are encouraged to participate in various plays dedicated to Ukrainian traditions, history etc.  

Traditional Ukrainian songs are a spacious and rather general notion which determines several musical genres that are united into single division. Therefore one may hear wedding songs, historical songs, calendar and family songs and all of them are considered to be traditional. People always used music as means of expression. With the help of a song one could describe his or her happiness or ease the pain of loss or whatever. Along with the song there was a hope in a good and bright future, with the joyful singing people thanked generous land for wealthy harvest, with the happy songs Ukrainians glorified the newly born or newlyweds.  Thus it is clear that song has always played an extremely significant and essential part in every person’s life.

For many centuries it was a tradition to compose songs and music. Ukrainians are known to be immensely talented people with generous and sensible soul that easily percepts and experiences all emotions and feelings. With such characteristics Ukrainians have created thousands of various songs and musical pieces that have accompanied them throughout their whole life. During times of invasions Ukrainians used songs in order to encourage brave warriors, their noble deeds, to ease their fear and to fill them with the sense of moral support. Besides the nation itself was in a constant need of moral support while the atmosphere of war and battles depressed and horrified Ukrainians. Along with the songs one believed in all good things and state of freedom and independence. The vast majority of historical songs are describing stories that are based on true events. Moreover such songs are glorifying national heroes who have bravely fought for the freedom of the native land and people. It’s rather difficult to image how a music can bring relieve and sense of mental equilibrium.

Traditional-Ukrainian-songsTraditional Ukrainian songs show not only the talent and mastery of composing but reveal the general characteristics and qualities of Ukrainians in broad terms. Numerous family traditions and rituals, relationship between family members, places and lands where people lived are vividly depicted in Ukrainian songs. It seems that none domestic or harvest or any other work was done without singing corresponding songs. Very often songs have escorted numerous feasts where people united to sing all together, that was an entertaining part with was preceded with dances and funny competitions with music certainly. During such events people preferred to sing humorous songs that created light, free and easy pastime. Young people in turns sang numerous songs where their feelings were described but of course it had ambiguous meaning while it was uneasy to say whether girl or boy had some feelings indeed or they were just kidding.

All this created an incredible atmosphere that helped people to enjoy everyday life and overcome any difficulties or tough times. One should not be cast down because no matter what life goes on and so are we. Ukrainians preferred to find consolation and comfort with the help of the song and music, where merry melodies were healers.